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The Németh Apartments is an excellent accomodation for all those, who would like to rest, relax and refill in Sárvár. The apartments with 1 or 2 airspaces provide a pleasant and ideal accomodation for both of pairs and families.

The sight of Sárvár

Sárvár is found in Hungary on the western corner, in county Vas, 25 km far away from Szombathely. The city of Sárvár lies in a beautiful natural environment, in the valley of Rába, between the Kemeshát hills. The town is a little jewel box, what waiting the tourists with an active cultural life, diverse programs and wonderful natural environment.

The name of the town derives from the clay castle surrounded by waters and swamps in the Árpád-Ages. Onto the retention of the Turkish robber tours in the XVI. century the end place was build up gradually. The 5 Italian bastion fortress of the end place was protected by a wide ditch, these define the form of the building today, too. The medieval castle lost his military significance and the landlords reconstructed it in a considerable measure. The most materially the family Modena, who banked up the external ditches and renewed the buildings in a classicist style in the XIX. century.

These days the castle of Nádasdy accommodates the library in Sárvár and the cultural center as well as the one of the most beautiful castle museum in Hungary, The Nádasdy Ferenc Museum. The Museum waiting the tourists with exhibitions what are presenting the interlocking story of the castle and the town plus the Hungarian hussar’s life.

The castle yard is the scene of dramas, concerts and motorcyclist’s meeting on summers, respectively every year organized here the international-known folklore festival.

The green lung of the town is the nearly 10 hectares arboretum, what invites for a walk those whose aspire for siltation and resting with the more than hundred years old trees and plant-curiosities.

To the thermal bath belongs to a lake system, what has nearby 9 hectares water surface and 4 parts. This makes more nice 5 bridges and 5 islands. In summer the Boat-lake is a popular target for people whose desire to hiking and doing sports, on the welcome of winter and frost the frozen surface attract to ice-skating. The proximity located Angler-lake, when the good weather set in is the paradise of line-fishermen.

In the adventure park there is a 120 position forest-flying fox, a 10 meters high climbing wall and an archer pitch, what is waiting for visitors whose desiring to challenge and looking for excitement.

The position of Sárvár town provides an outstanding opportunity for a day even half-day excursions with a numberless excellent spots and rich sights:

  • So among others Kőszeg (45 km) with a historical downtown
  • The main square of Szombathely (26 km) and other countless showpieces
  • One of Hungary’s most beautiful region the Őrség (75 km)
  • In Sümeg (42 km) can be found the castle of Sümeg what is the one of the best state remained and most spectacular castle
  • The Balaton (70 km) „the Hungarian sea”
  • A skiing possibility in Austria (110 km)
  • The Rába is the one of the last uncontrolled rafting tour’s route in our homeland
  • Travelers can view a lot of castles: among other things the Batthyány castle in Ikervár (7 km), the Felsőbüki-Nagy castle in Sitke (8 km) and the Festetich-castle in Szeleste (16 km).

The main square of Sárvár


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