"Come to us and feel yourself at home!"

The Németh Apartments is an excellent accomodation for all those, who would like to rest, relax and refill in Sárvár. The apartments with 1 or 2 airspaces provide a pleasant and ideal accomodation for both of pairs and families.

National Majorette Festival

Sárvár brass band has a rich history and this popular music became more vivid thanks to the colorful dance and performance of the majorettes.

Országos Mazsorett Fesztivál

The marching girls quickly became the favorites of the audience. That is why the Majorette Foundation established in 1998 the Majorettes Festival in Sárvár, which is not only a meeting for the teams but also an evaluation.

This festival is a guarantee for a memorable experience for the visitors of the Sárvár Majorette Festival!


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