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The Németh Apartments is an excellent accomodation for all those, who would like to rest, relax and refill in Sárvár. The apartments with 1 or 2 airspaces provide a pleasant and ideal accomodation for both of pairs and families.

Nadasdy Historical Festival

In between the 17th and 19th of July, 2009 in Sárvár, the first Nádasdy Historical Festival was launched. It was mainly dreamed and organised by civil forces. The goal was to take the Nádasdy-castle, this icon of the town back to the 16th century.

Nádasdy Történelmi Fesztivál

With close teamwork of civil associations and groups, the mayors office and hotels, the festival made its goal to create tradition together. The long and detailed preparations, the successful marketing anf of course the colorful programs made the festival quickly to be one of the most valuable summer-festival of the region.

The programs mirror the everydays from the turkish ages into our present in a splendid and joyful form: singers, troubadurs, monks, warriors and merchants walk again the streets. The main spectacle of the three days are the siege plays: it is the time of heroism and self-sacrifice. The battle between the invading ottomans and the hungarian soldiers guarantees the entertainment.
There is always something to see in the castle during the festival-weekend: belly dancers, medieval bagpipe players, world-music, puppet theater and storytellers entertain children and adults as well.
The court of the castle also is a place to dive into acient gastronomy – medieval food, vines and ales are here to find and taste.
The second festival from 16th to 18th July, 2010 was bigger and longer, and it also grew in quality: the whole three days had more participants, more soldiers and more activities.
It also had a side-festival on Saturday and Sunday, the so-called „Vivat hussar!”, which was a tournament of hussars in the castle-park.
In 2011 the core of the festival was entirely about the siege plays and personal fights between ottoman and hungarian armies and soldiers. The festival also remembered the 555th anniversary of the battle at Nándorfehérvár – a spectaular light paint-up was presented on the main tower of the Nádasdy-castle on Friday night.
In 2012 the festival maintains the quality it set up during the previous years: the „Vivat hussar!” returns to us, while more soldiers set up their war camps in the castle. On the main stage in the castle court will be concerts and performances of Hollóének Hungarica, Arasinda, Makám and Magdolna Rúzsa. 


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